The complete guide on what to see in Nørrebro!

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Copenhagen’ s most exciting and flourishing neighbourhood has gone through number of changes over the years. Today, it is known for its diversity and vibrant nightlife. Here’s your complete guide on what to see in Nørrebro.

Quick overview of Nørrebro

Nørrebro is one of the 10 official districts of Copenhagen. It is Northwest to the city center. This area has the highest population density in all of the areas of Copenhagen. The population is regarded as highly diverse, as almost 1 out of 6 person who lives there has another ethnic background than Danish. This diversity is present in the offers of food and drink across the neighbourhood.

Historically, Nørrebro was considered to be on the countryside, however, when they have abandoned the demarcation line in 1852, it started flourishing. Over the years, the neighbourhood evolved into its multi-ethnic self and a progressive area. Famously, since the 1980s several riots have taken places in the streets of Nørrebro fighting for social justice. 


What to see in Nørrebro

Assistentens Kirkegård

Assistens Kirkegård (Assistens Cemetery)

Over 250 years ago the people of Copenhagen started burying their loved ones in what is today known as Assistens Cemetery. The cemetery is right on Nørrebrogade, which stretches across the neighbourhood. The cemetery serves as the resting place to famous Danes like H.C. Andersen and Søren Kierkegaard. 

Today, interestingly, the people of Nørrebro also use the cemetery almost as a park. When the sun is shining people tend to enjoy the cemetery as a place where they can take a walk or sit together with their friends. 


Superkilen is a public park right by Nørrebrogade. The park has opened in 2002 and can be regarded as an architectural success. It has received several international designer and architect prizes. The park is divided in 3 separate parts: The Red Square, The Black Square and the green area.

The park offers several outdoor activities such as skating and there is also a playground. One can easily cycle through the park as well.

What to see in Nørrebro - Superkilen
Nørrebro Teater

Explore beyond Nørrebrogade

When wondering through Nørrebro, it may be easy to stick to the Main Street of Nørrebrogade. However, we highly advise wondering off!

Take Ravnsborggade! The street may be easily referred to as the city’s Broadway as the districts largest theatre, Nørrebro Teater is located there. Just a few meters away, there is Teater Grob. Moreover, the street has a lot of culinary experiences to offer with numerous bars and restaurants. 

Another road not to miss is Rantzausgade! The street is 700m long and is packed with breweries making craft beer and bodegas. From the cheapest bodegas offering pool, to the upscale craft beer bars this street has something for everyone!

For getting an authentic experience in this hip neighbourhood come join our food tour! We will make sure you will not be thirsty nor hungry afterwards.  Interested in more tips on Nørrebro? Check out our blog post on the best burgers in Nørrebro

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