Vesterbro Copenhagen Bars

Vesterbro is a hip area of Copenhagen, and so it is no surprise that you can find some of the best places to visit for a beer in this neighborhood of Copenhagen. We have picked out 5 great bars that you must visit in Vesterbro!

1. Library bar

As goes by the name, the library bar is a dimly litted cozy place for for drinking. Them music is set to smooth jazz and the interior is adorned with bookshelves and cozy chairs.

On the menu you find some of the best cocktails that Copenhagen has to offer usually with either rum, whiskey or cognac. You can find this unique spot right next to the Copenhagen central station at Bernstorffsgade 4.

2. Jolene

As the best contender for Vesterbro bar with the most alternative vibe on our list, we have Jolene bar. Situated right in the heart of kødbyen (meatpacking district) the district where you find some of the most interesting nightlife options that Copenhagen has to offer.

Jolene was added to the selection in 2008. It hosts regular events for differnent communities in copenhagen including a monthly LGBT+ party. The raw industrial look and the stellar lineup of DJ’s garantere a night’s out you won’t soon forget!

3. Lidkoeb

Located right by Vesterbrogade, you find the former production facility turned cocktail bar: Lidkoeb

The three story building was original built by pharmacist H.P. Madsen in 1886. It originally functioned as a production facility for Vesterbro pharmacy. However, by the late 1980 the production was shut down, and the building abandoned. Fast forward 30 years, the worn out building caught the attention of its future owner Rasmus Shepherd-Lomborg, who saw it’s potential as a new addition to the Copenhagen nightlife. The rest as they say is history…

Lidkoeb sports great drinks, a large sortiment of whiskey brands with a great atmosphere to boot!


4. Märkbar

For a different and more alternative nightlife experience one has to look no further than Märkbar on Vesterbrogade 106A. The volume has been cranked to 11 in this bar as rock and metal music is roaring from the speaker with the beers slapping equally hard.

The setting and atmosphere is similar to that of a Berlin bar and a great choice for anyone into the rock/punk/metal scene. As long as you don’t mind the indoor smoking!

5. Dumpo

On the corner of Sønderboulevard 58 you find the newest entry on our list. Dumpo is a cocktail bar with the concept ‘Bar & Snackery’. This concept is the fulfillment of many Vesterbro peoples’ wish to have a place that acts as both pub, cocktailbar and eatery – all at the same time!

The bar has a relaxed pub atmosphere and setting while the menu provides some finer eating and drinking experiences such as  fancy cocktails and organic beer from Møn.

Do you feel inspired to have a beer in Vesterbro now? With our Vesterbro tour we show the best place to eat and drink in the neighborhood to a discounted price!

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