Where to find the best burger in Nørrebro

We have previously discussed some of our favorite spots in Nørrebro in our guide to Nørrebro. In this post we want to give you some rekommandations on where to find the best burgers that Nørrebro has to offer!



Jagger is one of the most prolific burger chains in Copenhagen, with diner located in every neighborhood in Copenhagen. Jagger prides itself for selling freshly cooked burger using only raw material of the highest quality.

The beef is organic and there is also the chance of getting their delicious veggie burger! The buns are organic as well and made from a local bakery in Sønderborg.

Even the milkshakes are next level! The strawberry shake is made from fresh strawberries, while the chocolate shake is made from Belgian chocolate.

Location: Nørrebrogade 114

Opening hours: 11 am – 10 pm all weekdays

Price per person: 110-150 kr.



The now infamous burger joint is the best place to get your sliders in town. It’s popularity is well deserved considering it has won several prices prizes including ‘best burger in town’ and the ‘best of the city’ prize from AOK.

The sliders are made with braised beef and are filled with flavorful sauce, staying true to the American concept. You can buy one slider for 45 kr. or get three for 85 kr.

It is not possible to book a table before arriving, instead you have to order in the bar and find your spot. We therefore recommend that you try and visit in less busy hours to avoid having to wait for your table.


Grillen Burgerbar

If you are looking for good burgers selling at an affordable price range, then Grillen Burgerbar might just be your new favorite! Most burgers comes at around 80 kr. and if you are a student you can get a 20% by showing an eligible student card.

While you can find Grillen Burgerbar in other areas of Copenhagen, the one at Nørrebrogade is the OG burgerbar. The interior is spacious with 2 floors to sit, great for eating out with family or friends on a budget.


Tommi's Burgerjoint

One of the main contenders for best burger in the city, Tommi’s offer an Scandinavian take on the authentic American burger experience. Tommi himself is Icelandic and established the first joint in Reykjavik in 2004. Since then the brand has branched out to cities such as London, Copenhagen and Rome.

Tommi’s burgerjoint in Nørrebrogade provides cheap burgers and a laid back atmosphere, not unlike what you would find in an American burger joint in New York.

Thus concludes our list of best burger joints in Nørrebronx. If you are curious to know more about the food scene in Nørrebro you might want to consider our guided Nørrebro food tour. We make sure to show you some of the best hidden gems in the Nørrebro area for a discounted price!

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